Gone are the days where a slice of traditional victoria sponge cake with a thin layer of jam and buttercream was meant to satisfy your cake cravings; we've let our imagination go wild and have come up with this ever-expanding list of yummy flavours. Whether in a cake, a large or mini cupcake, these flavours will knock the socks off traditional sponge.

Made with locally sourced products all from within the Somerset boundary like butter from Alvis Brothers, eggs from Tower House Lane Farm, organic flour and home grown organic lavender ensuring you feel confident where your cupcake has come from. We never add any nasties, chemicals, preservatives or flavours to our cakes; they are natural, fresh and made with proper ingredients in a proper kitchen, just as if you'd made them yourself. We also use proper butter in our butter icing and cakes, never margarine (yuk).

All cakes are vegetarian and we are happy to cater for gluten-free, dairy free, wheat-free and egg free diets, just ask and it shall be done.

We specialise in Wedding Cakes and Celebration Cake orders.



Cupcakes start from £1.50 each

Red Velvet - Soft and light, red sponge with a hint of cocoa. Topped with sweet cream cheese frosting (our best seller).

It's Not Terry's, It's Mine - Dark chocolate sponge with real orange juice and zest with a smattering of choc chips. Topped with yum-scrum-delicious orange chocolate frosting.

Devil's Food Cake - Deliciously chocolaty soft sponge laden with chocolate chips, topped with sweet cream cheese frosting.

Death By Chocolate- Deliciously chocolaty soft sponge laden with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate ganache frosting.

Espresso Cake - Light sponge with lashings of pure espresso making this cake a zinger! Topped with mocha frosting for full effect.

ChoccoBerry - Dark chocolate sponge crammed with fresh gooey raspberries, topped with chocolate ganache frosting and a chocolate shard.

White Chocolate Devil's Food Cake - Tiny white chocolate chunks make this a delicious (but not milky-bar-kid-sweet) cake with lashings of sweet cream cheese topping.

Choc Cherry Delight - Morish chocolate sponge crammed full of glace cherries with the softest chocolatiest frosting; guarenteed you'll want two.

Peanutty - Smooth and soft peanut butter sponge topped with milk chocolate butter cream frosting.

After Eights - Bright green mint sponge with a thick swirl of choclate ganache frosting. Perfect for after dinner!



Alcoholic cakes start from £3 each


Salty's - Milk chocolate sponge with chunks of caramel and chocolate chips, topped with a salted choco-caramel frosting, a sprinkle of cocoa powder and a salted caramel truffle.

Guinness Cake - A dark and mysterious sponge with a hint of stout and underlying tones of cocoa, topped with lashings of cream cheese icing.

Bailey's Coffee - Light coffee sponge topped with creamy and soft Baileys cream frosting, great for after dinner!

White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle - A light blonde sponge made with white chocolate, topped with real champagne and white chocolate frosting, topped with a truffle.




Coffee Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Red Velvet upcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Buttercream topping from The Exquisite Cake Company Guinness Cake from The Exquisite Cake Company


Fruity Fancies


Cupcakes start from £1.50 each, alcoholic cakes from £3 each.


Milly Vanilly - Soft and light sponge with a hint of vanilla. Topped with a creamy vanilla buttercream. Icing available in a variety of pastel colours.

50's Fling - Vanilla sponge coloured in light blue, light green or light pink, with a thick swirl of creamy topping, sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Lavender - A delicate blonde sponge with a hint of home-grown organic lavender. Topped with a light and airy lavender frosting.

Lemon Drop - Light blonde sponge with real lemon zest. Topped with light lemon frosting and just enough tang to make your taste buds jump around.

Lemon Poppy Seed - A zesty blonde sponge with a real lemon tang, with a dense centre and poppy seeds throughout. Topped with a lemon curd and sweet cream cheese frosting.

Citrus Bite - Lemon and lime zest make this our freshest cupcake yet! Soft zesty sponge topped with citrus yogurt icing and fresh lemon rind.

Jammy Dodger - Vanilla sponge with a strawberry jam middle. Topped with a light covering of vanilla buttercream.

Bakewell - Almondy cake with a surprise cherry in the middle. Topped with lemony icing and cherries, perfect for tea parties.

Good Old Classic Carrot Cake - Soft and moist carrot cake with a healthy dose of sweet cream cheese frosting.

Bananarama - Chunks of banana with cinnamon and walnut pieces piled with cream cheese frosting..

Banana Fondue - Chunks of banana with a liberal dose of chocolate chips and some cinnamon for good measure. Topped with soft vanilla frosting and a dollop of ooey-gooey toffee cream.

Cinnamonster - Soft muffin sponge laden with chunks of banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Bex's Blackberry Blush - A September favourite - Vanilla sponge crammed full of locally picked blackberries, a layer of scrummy blackberry jam and topped with vanilla frosting on top and, you've guessed it...a blackberry!

Sammy's Sneaky Rum - Soft sponge with pinapple and coconut pieces, topped with rum frosting, pure caribbean in a cupcake!



Lemon Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Lavender Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Frog Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Vanilla Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company


Toppings and Sprinkles


Once you have decided on your sponge flavour, there are lots of different toppings you can opt for to decorate each cake. All are edible unless otherwise stated and feel free to mix a few types together!



Hundreds and Thousands - either multi-coloured, red, green, orange, yellow or pastels.

Sugar Strands - either multi-coloured or red.

Coloured Sugar - available om bright pink, bright purple, pale blue or very pale pink.

Heart Sprinkles - available in bright pink hearts, mini red and pink hearts or larger red hearts.

Star Sprinkles - available in fondant white, dark chocolate, white chocolate, mini blue, red and white, multi-coloured stars or larger white and pale blue.

Chocolate Options - white, milk or dark chocolate drops, milk chocolate stands, dark chocolate flakes, dark chocolate shards, mini smarties or coloured chocolate drops.

Fondant shapes - made by hand in either pale pink, bright pink, pale blue, dark blue, pale green, bright green, yellow, orange, white, black, lilac or dark purple. Shapes include large hearts, stars, daisies, gerberas, butterflies, mini daisies, blossoms and dots. 50p each.

Fondant roses - handmade roses in any of the above colours in small, medium or large. £1, £2 or £5 each.

Edible glitter - great to finish off your decoration. Available in silver, gold, red, pink, purple, orange and white. 10p per cake.

Princess Cakes - Obscene amounts of edible glitter, pink sprinkles and hearts, for the Princess in all of us :)

Froggies - smooth green buttercream icing with frogs eyes make this every kid favourite!

Ghosts - sugarpaste ghost, perfect for Halloween (NB the sugarpaste ghost is held upright with a wire - remove before eating)

The Witch's Dog - a green fondant witch's doggie

Spider Web - orange flavoured royal icing with a sparkly black web

Rudolf - Dark chocolate antlers along with a cherry red nose, perfect for Christmas time

Snowflake - white fondant snowflake in three sizes on top of chocolate frosting


Cupcake Cases


All our our cupcakes come in plain white cases at no extra charge, however if you are looking to spruce up your order a bit or are ordering cakes for a special occassion, you may like to consider our range of colourful cases, each charged at 30p per cake.

Pale blue and white dotty

Dark blue and white dotty

Pale pink and white dotty

Aqua and white dotty

Purple and white dotty

Foil metalic dark pink

Foil metalic silver

Foil metalic gold

Foil metalic electric blue

Foil metalic red

Dark purple

Cream and white patterned

Chocolate brown

Orange and yellow stripes

Blue and white strips

White and pink hearts


Halloween Cakes


For Halloween we have created an array of spooky cupcakes perfect to take to a Halloween Party or for you to endulge at home on All Hallows Eve.

Our Ghoulish cake range come adorned with Ghosts, Spider Webs and The Witch's Dog. Minimum batch order of 12; our most popular batch has 6 Ghosts and 6 Spider Webs - something for everyone!


bristol Halloween Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Bristol Halloween Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Bristol Halloween cupcake from The Exquisite Cake Company

Ghosts - Soft and light sponge with a hint of vanilla, topped with melted chocolate frosting and adorned with a sugarpaste ghost (NB the sugarpaste ghost is held upright with a wire - remove before eating)

The Witch's Dog - Black bottomed Guinness Cake topped with thick cream cheese frosting and a green fondant witch's doggie

Spider Web - Soft and light sponge with a hint of vanilla, topped with orange flavoured royal icing with a sparkly black web


Christmas CupCakes


For Christmas we have created an array of wintery and festive cupcakes perfect to enjoy during the Christmas holiday's, take to Christmas Parties, give as Christmas gifts or serve to your guests as part of your Christmas Day celebrations!

Our latest festive toppings can come on any of our sponge flavours from our Menu page, or below we have listed a few perfect combinations to make choosing a little easier!


Christmas Cheer - Chocolate sponge laden with brandy-soaked cranberries with a piped chocolate ganache frosting, topped with a white fondant snowflake.

No Eye Deer - Chocolate sponge with chocolate chips, a choclate buttercream frosting and reindeer decorations.

Holly Berry - Soft vanilla sponge with a thick swirl of vanilla icing and topped with fondant holly and berries.

Brandy Dream - Dark chocolate sponge piled high with real brandy butter frosting, edible glitter optional.

Christmas Spice - Mixed spice vanilla sponge with rum icing with a piped Christmas Tree on top.

Velvet Santa - Our best-selling Red Velvet sponge with sweet cream cheese icing topped with a Santa Claus hat.

Festive Guinness - An unusually dark tasting sponge made with the Black Stuff, topped with cream cheese icing and a dark choclate snowflake....once you taste it you'll never look back!




Valentine's CupCakes


Cheaper than a bunch of flowers but much more appreciated, Say it with Cupcakes this Valentine's Day.


Surprise your loved ones this Valentine's Day and send a box of their favourite cupcakes direct to their front door or office desk! Want to make it extra special? Add a personalised message iced on to the cupcakes for no extra charge.

We have created a perfect Love Day selection of cupcakes that come decorated with hearts, glitter or I Love You messages, but if you can't see your favourite flavour here, feel free to order any of the flavours on our Menu page and we'll add some Valentine's decorations free of charge!


Marry Me - this decedant Champagne truffle sponge comes with champagne buttercream frosting and a silver ball engagement ring on top! Perfect to pop the question with.

Bursting With Love - Soft vanilla and raspberry sponge with a gooey layer of smooth raspberry jam, topped with vanilla frosting and a sprinkling of red hearts.

Cutey Pie - Milk chocolate sponge with lashings of choc chips baked inside with a thick swirl of chocolate cream ganache and topped with a hand-made red rose.

Velvet Kiss - Soft and dense Red Velvet Sponge with sweet cream cheese icing, with a chocolate heart fondant top.

Not So Sweet and Innocent - Our popular dark and chocolatey Guinness sponge topped with a thick swirl of cream cheese icing and a large pink fondant heart .


Valentine's Day Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Valentine's Day Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Valentine's Day Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company Valentine's Day Cupcakes from The Exquisite Cake Company


Skinny Cupcakes, Suitable for Diabetics!


Our Skinny Cupcakes contain just 90 calories each and allow those on a diet and diabetics to enjoy a sugar-free, chemical-free treat!

Skinny Raspberry Lemon - Soft and dense raspberry sponge topped with fresh and naturally sweetened raspberry and lemon cream cheesee topping, finished off with a curl of lemon rind

Skinny Orange Apricot - Soft and dense marmalade sponge topped with fresh orange and apricot cream cheese icing, finished off with a curl of orange rind

Skinny Blackberrycurrant - Soft and dense blackcurrant sponge topped with naturally sweetened blackberry cream cheese icing, finished off with a juicy berry


Our Skinny Cupcakes contain no artificual sweetners or chemicals. They keep for approx 3 days and should be kept in a cool place or refrigerated. Available to order in boxes of 12.


Wedding CupCakes


Tradtional three tiered white wedding cake? Not at my wedding I hear you say!

Opt for something a little more unique and have a tower of cupcakes as the centrepiece to your wedding. With over 25 different flavours, 10 styles of cupcake cases, 25 different toppers, two cake sizes and over 20 different types of frosting, we're confident we can create the perfect selection for your Big Day. Personalise your cakes with your initials in icing or theme them around your hobbies, season of the wedding, your favourite places or even your honeymoon destination.

Want a little bit of tradition? Have a small solid cake for the top tier of the cupcake tower to 'cut' during the celebrations.

Everyone gets the right amount of cake and icing with a cupcake, no messy cutting or huge slabs of cake taking 20 minutes to find themselves to your guests. Whether you are looking for elegance, quirky, fun or dramatic, cupcakes are the perfect choice.




Sugared Almonds a little passé ? Provide cupcakes in delicate little boxes for your guests to take home as favours and make everyone happy!


What to do next?

First things first, drop us a line or give us a call to say you're interested, we can then gather some information to create a design for you, and most importantly, reserve your wedding date. After this we'll arrange to meet and go through the design possibilities and enjoy a cake tasting to find the perfect flavour for you both.

All wedding orders are customised to your colour theme, wedding style and season. No two wedding cakes are the same as we want your Big Day to be as magical and unique as you are, so prices will be quoted specifically. However, as a guide, large cupcakes start at £1.50 each and £1 for mini cupcakes. We reccommend 1 or 2 large cupcakes per person and cakes have a shelf life of 4-7 days.

Our Delivery Service includes delivering the cakes to your reception venue on the day of your wedding, setting up and arranging the cakes. We hire out cake stands from smaller metalic stands for up to 21 cakes, to large seven tiered stands for 100 cakes. We can also arrange to return the following day to collect the stand for an additional cost. Delivery service within central Bristol is £20, or £1 per mile for venues outside of Bristol.

Dates are not reserved and Wedding Cake Orders are not secured until 50% deposit has cleared. We will contact you two weeks before the wedding to confirm the finer details of delivery, set up and collection, making your cake order as simple as possible, as you'll have enough to worry about!


Large Cupcakes start at £1.50 each and can be ordered in batches of 12.
Mini Cupcakes start at £1 and can be ordered if batches of 24.
Solid cutting cakes can be placed on top of your cupcake tower ready for that photo opportunity. 6 inch sponge cakes start from £60, fruit cakes from £75.
Add extras to your cake order to make it more personal; extras include coloured or metalic foil cupcake cases, wired hearts, stars and flowers, specific piping work, fondant flowers or sparklers.

For large celebrations, Cupcake Towers are spectacular and can be displayed on one of our lovely stands, either a seven tierred mirrored stand for 60-100 cupcakes, or a collection of smaller metalic stands, each holding 21 cupcakes.

Choose any of the above flavours for your cupcake, cupcake tower or triple layered cake and get the party started.


Just drop us a line with your cake requirements and we'll start planning your delectable treats -